Cameo's story

The inspiration for Cameo came from a desire to push the boundries of personal development, whatever the training subject; quite simply the aim is to inspire, educate and empower.

“From the humble beginnings of Tracy’s dining room and freelance training projects, Cameo Training has not just weathered the recession, it has emerged as a strong player within learning and development.

The strength of the team around Tracy has enabled Cameo to stand tall in a competitive market where tangible results are your only weapon.”


We have three main areas of expertise:

Leadership Development

Winning New Business

Improving the Customer Experience

Our expertise is driven by a passion for on-going learning, continuing to build our own capacity to develop others.


Within the team we have certified coaches, Organisational Development specialists, psychometric specialists and some heavyweight trainers people who have experienced ‘it’, ‘done it’ and know how to get others ‘doing it’.


We get under the skin of our client’s, understand what drives them, help create the energy, momentum and knowhow to deliver the results they are looking for.


Just Tracy

Growing our team & Expertise

Still growing

So..... Why Cameo Training?

Cameo Training

You need secure roots that hold you firmly and keep you grounded in your thinking, approach and philosophy

Cameo Training

It’s OK for those roots to be so powerful that they protrude out of the ground, so everyone knows what keeps you there

Cameo Training

As you grow, the flexibility that’s seen in the willow branches become invaluable to seek out new ways of working and looking at the world.

Some branches have grown so long they meet the roots

Cameo Training

Once the branches fall from the tree, they continue to be used and that’s the legacy effect we look for

Cameo Training

The willow tree is also known to be particularly thirsty and this reminded me of the ‘horse to water’ theory; you can take a horse to water, it’s up to the individual to decide how thirsty they are”

And why would you want to work with us?

If you want a supplier who feels like they are an intrinsic part of your business, helping shape your people and driving the business strategy, then Willow could be just what you’re looking for

We believe that training is more than imparting information, it’s about transforming the way people do things

We work with you to understand your training and development needs (what are the real challenges right now?) for the short, medium and long term.

Feedback and being a soundboard when needed is all part of what we do – helping build lasting positive change

We remain agile through our development programmes to allow

for the curve balls that come along.

Ready to make a difference?