Medic Now

Case Study
The Challenges
The Approach

Medic Now is a recruitment agency specialising in ambulance professionals. It was the brain child of father and son team, George and David Cranmer. They recognised a gap in recruitment solutions and set about changing the way hospitals resource for their emergency care.

We started working with them in May 2013, when the business was still in its infancy. Back then, we helped shape the business strategy and operating principles, including their values, which are still demonstrated today.

In 2015, Willow developed a leadership programme to build team capability and lift operational dependency from the Directors

“Thank you for your support. The team are excited and engaged which is a bit of a novelty for me! I also think Thom enjoyed being able to decompress during his 1-2-1.

I must confess I’m feeling like I did way back in 2012; onwards and upwards!”

David Cranmer

Founder & CEO, Medic Now

“Thanks for some really valuable time over the past 10 days. I have a team fired up and alive with ideas.

The hard work starts now!”

Thom Cunningham-Burley

Medic Now

  • Finding the right managerial hire to optimise sighted growth opportunities
  • Finding the right managerial team to effectively manage daily operations
  • All key stakeholders and client relationships were centred around the Directors
  • Resistance to change from key influencers in the business – “we’ve always done it this way” mentality, which restricted growth plans and stifled personal growth
Phase 1

Developed a robust and impressive hiring process for managerial hires. Conducted final interview, as part of the hiring board

Reviewed the business infrastructure, integrating planned heads and new reporting lines

Phase 2

Senior Management Team Development

Scoped SMT Roles and responsibilities

Introduced the business to an off-shore resourcing solution, enabling increased candidate attraction capacity

Phase 3

Team Leader Development

Scoped roles and responsibilities and autonomy boundaries

Identified the right metrics for growth across the business and within their respective teams

Agreed communication channels for key metrics and priorities for the business


Team development day

A combination of sharing information and training to achieve key objectives:

  • Increase commercial awareness on cost of sale, margins etc.
  • Create a unity across the divisions
  • Agree common team goals
  • Agree tasks and activities to drive the metrics that matter to the business strategy