K International

Case Study
The Challenges
The Approach

K International are reputed to be one of the largest and most successful providers of professional language translation services. Based in Milton Keynes, they provide multilingual ,technical, interpreter and voice over for the MOD, Transport for London, the NHS and Marks & Spencer to name just a few.

Their ethos is to not simply translate, for them it’s about making their clients message, brand and ideas reach further and mean more to people

As a result of working with Willow, our Project Managers are not just ‘upskilled’ in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, they have grown personally and enjoyed the experience. One of our objectives, was to implement a structured career path for the team and with the help of Willow, these ideas have been lifted from my head and set out with clarity.

We are confident that the work carried out by Willow has been pivotal in positive employee engagement and look forward to continuing our valuable relationship with them.

Dave Brooks


We were recommended by a previous client, as their need for training went beyond technical skills and required a wider development strategy.

K International recognised the need for all Project Mangers to be working with Microsoft packages in a consistent way. The programme ignites a new era of personal development for K International as they are aiming to:

Support the Project Managers in handling client queries with confidence

To support their growth plans with a clear succession plan, fostering in-house promotion

Cement staff retention and engagement.

The courses were designed for half day sessions, so the project management team, could cover workflow

All delegates completed ‘fundamentals’ before the programme moved on to advanced level training

We incorporated their own company documents to make the training ‘real’

We provided laptops pre-loaded with the relevant course content, so we didn’t need to access their security IT networks

We provided feedback on delegate progress at the end of each session and provided a summary of each delegate at the end of the programme

We provided a ‘quick notes’ guide for the key learning points of every course delivered

We worked with one appointed contact to manage course co-ordination and appointed a programme co-ordinator at Willow to handle all joining instructions, certificates and smooth running of the programme

We held a review at the end of the programme to ensure we had met and exceeded their expectations