Ingram Micro

Case Study
The Challenges
The Approach

Ingram Micro UK is a subsidiary of Ingram Micro Inc., the world’s largest technology distributor and a leading technology sales, marketing and logistics company for the IT industry worldwide.

The UK operations have been established since 1991, with their head office in Milton Keynes.

We were asked to work with them in April 2015, through a technology training partner, who needed to replace their long-standing trainer for some regularly required courses.

In February 2016 we had a training review with the head of learning and development at Ingram Micro.

He told us that “it’s the course they still talk about the most”

One particular delegate who I remember was reluctant to attend the course and literarily shook as he gave his presentation in the training session.

That was nearly one year ago and he’s gone on to take the lead in company meetings and has visibly grown in confidence as a direct result – he’s like a different person.

Andy Kingman

Learning & Development Lead, Ingram Micro

  • Finding the right replacement trainer to deliver Presentation Skills Training (the previous trainer had been a regular external consultant for many years and they loved her).
  • The course needed to work alongside existing programmes, provided by internal Learning & Development specialists.
  • The course needed to cover ‘things they’re used to’.
  • The delegates were a combination of client facing and non client facing employees. So the course had to help internal and external messaging.
  • We were delivering on multiple days and needed to adapt each session to the individual needs of each group, as these had been carefully selected.

Our approach was to do what they do on X Factor and ‘make that course our own’.

We took the objectives that they wanted to achieve, the changed behaviours they were looking for and blended the content into our very own stepped model for memorable presentations.

We provided:

  • Bespoke resource materials, designed to embed the learning
  • Had them on their feet and just the right side of being outside of their comfort zone
  • Listened and informed
  • Made them feel safe “feel the fear and do it anyway”